Cobblestones, splashed across a wall

Cobblestones can be set into a stucco wall so that the stones appear to run from the ground up along the wall like waves splashing across the steep sides of a gorge as a river sweeps round a bend

In this context, you may have seen mosaics used in lieu of cobblestones, but I want to put forth the idea that cobblestones arranged as pictured could yield an effect worth exploring.  Cobblestones should be dark against the lighter stucco into which they are set.  Or the stones could be light against dark.  Pale yellow against blue stucco.

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Source material and inspiration:

Central Park, NY
Haruru Falls - Paihia, Northland, New Zealand
Mosaics at Sentosa's Imbiah Station - Singapore
Cobblestones, splashed across a wall