A restaurant concept inspired by the sails of a windmill

I spent a few weeks in 2010 developing the idea for a Holland-Windmill-themed resort, fitting with the scale and extravagance of resorts in Vegas and DisneyWorld. This is one of 18 sketches I produced.  It shows an outdoor restaurant that would sit behind the larger resort. Perhaps, in place of a restaurant, an outdoor marketplace could sprawl beneath the arches.

I’m going to point out two design elements that may not be obvious from the sketch:

(1)  On each wing, Lampost heights increase exponentially from the center, so that a curved invisible line connects the tips of the lampposts.

(2)  A fabric lining is festooned along the underside of the archway.  A bright, bold color sets the enormous blanket of fabric apart from the beige tablecloths underneath the archway.

These two design elements could find a home in a variety of resorts.  Get out of the habit of thinking that lampposts need be of uniform height–varying their heights introduces an unexpected design element which feels designed and elegant.  Windows of varying height or incrementally increasing size can also be effective.

*         *         *

A restaurant in the Bellagio, as interesting as any I’ve seen, inspired the blanket of fabric lining the archway’s underside above my proposed restaurant.
A restaurant concept inspired by the sails of a windmill