Painting Chivay, Peru

Colca Canyon Landscape  – Jan 2012

This is my second digital painting. I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, but I was inspired to action by Kevin Nelson.  He’s one of those rock-star concept artists at Disney. If I buckle down and find the right teacher, I can get to that point in a few years.

*            *            *
Source material and inspiration:

I made a day of this trail through the river valley back in 2009.  Chivay, Coporaque, and Yanque received Spanish missionaries in the 1540s through 1570s, and Coporaque has a cathedral dating back to that time.   They’ve only recently begun to see tourism here, however, and it’s a serious shlep to get there, so the tourist traffic remains light.

Painting Chivay, Peru

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