Mirkwood 2.0

Peter Jackson and his art department are designing Middle Earth again.  The next movie will have a scene where Bilbo fights a gazebo-sized spider in a thick forest.

I’m not a man that you’ll ever hear talking about J.R.R. Tolkien or fantasy of any kind, but I see a cool design project here, more than worth the 90 minutes necessary to reinvent Mirkwood.  After a few New Zealand visits, I have spent some time thinking about how I’d visualize Middle Earth on screen if I were given the task.

The Hobbit Concept Art
Mirkwood – The Hobbit

And here’s the sketch, with the flavor of a Patagonian forest.  I like the mood and the colors, and I don’t mind that’s it’s not true to the book.  Peter Jackson’s design will certainly look nothing like this, as he is bound to Tolkien’s description of Mirkwood as a dark, thick forest with lots of close-up camerawork and fast-cutting.  But let’s not pretend the Hobbit will be anything less than a hell of a movie.

Mirkwood 2.0

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