5 Package Design Lessons Learned

Here are 5 package design lessons I’ve learned this past month from my outstanding creative director:

  1. Simplify . . . Don’t over-design!
  2. Completely understand the visual vocabulary of the brand before you dive into designing.  Brand strength comes from brand consistency.
  3. As a designer, strive for a consistent style of your own.  A jack-of-all-trades designer with a wide stylistic variety in his portfolio will be less sought after by high-quality clients than a specialist who hones in on a distinctive style and masters the nuances of that style.  When you look at Robert’s work, you see that he maintains a stylistic consistency even while adapting his style to very different brands (e.g., Pureology vs Redken).
  4. Use your packaging to engage customers emotionally, not intellectually.  That means design objects of beauty, not objects that require pages and pages of justification.
  5. In addition to being beautiful, a well-designed package is highly legible.  Never make consumers work to discern what’s inside the package.

My creative director specializes in 360° branding in the beauty and health industry.  He’s one of the very best at what he does, and it’s been a privilege to work alongside him.

5 Package Design Lessons Learned