The Color Spring

Joshua Eckert
Where does the color come from?  This sketch spins a story of where Crayola or Faber-Castell harvests its colors.  I’m fascinated with where pigments truly come from and I’ve always shared this interest with my students (curiosity is learnable and lessons like this teach it, but that’s for another post).  However, I wanted to craft a fantastic origin story that’s more enchanting than the tale of labs that cook cadmium red.  I wanted to add some Disney-esque magic and inspiration to Crayola and Faber-Castell, both of whom have played up the made-in-America angle (perhaps for the benefit of adults more than children).  In another post, I detail how a company like Crayola could integrate these color origin stories into a comprehensive branding strategy to drive strategic value by connecting with a target demographic.

Fodder for Pixar shorts here.

The Color Spring

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