More Future Thinking

I want to see a line of healthy, organic peanut butter in sensual and sinful packaging. What if a health brand was disguised as a guilty pleasure?

I want to see an interactive digital in-store display that shows my face mapped over the head of a digital figure wearing Google Glass or Apple Watch. What if retail displays were interactive and personalized?

I want to see eye-tracking technology integrated with retail displays. Working on this now.

I want to see a service provide guided tours through national parks for the UHNW individuals.  If an oil tycoon wants to go climbing, he contacts an expert climber for one-on-one lessons. But whom does he call if he wants a guided tour to the top of Half Dome?

I want to see a service that helps retirees reach hard-to-reach places in the world’s most phenomenal landscapes.

I want to see a windmill-themed resort hotel.

I want to see a series of competitions that unlock the artistic creativity of retired baby boomer engineers (currently researching this!)

I want to see an affordable idli bar (light, healthy steamed Indian snacks, quick and cheap to make) with colorful dipping sauces. Follow the business model of Vanessa’s Dumpling House. Decorate the interior with chic, clean early-century industrial.

I want to see …

Okay, talk minus action equals shit. I’m turning this franchise around and bringing some concepts to life. As that happens, you’ll see my blog posts appear less frequently. I enjoy posting on my blog and appreciate all of you who have shown support. But now it’s time to work.

The best stuff won’t surface on here until it’s out in the real breathing world.

More Future Thinking