Four Phases (Art Direction)

low tide 2

I shot this photo in Bako National Park, Serawak, Malaysia.  The photos are all available on my Flickr under the Creative Commons license.



Steve “The Greatest Photojournalist Who Ever Lived” McCurry

I can’t say enough good things about his blog.  In each post, McCurry names a theme (Feeding the World for instance) and he posts a dozen related photos.  These photos are punctuated by a quote or two.

It’s the best blog on the internet and he updates it frequently.  Have a look: McCurry’s Blog

Steve “The Greatest Photojournalist Who Ever Lived” McCurry

UAE National Pride in 6 Minutes

With the World Expo 2012 about to launch in South Korea, I want to revisit a highlight from the last expo.  Almost nobody in America has seen this powerful video, created to show the world (well, mostly China) a snapshot of the UAE’s glory, wealth, and progress.

Every country has a pavilion.  Even Swaziland and Lesotho participated in 2010, though their displays looked like bulletin boards compared to the Japanese and South Korean pavilions.

Oil-financed art and technology + Sand dunes = UAE pavilion 2010
UAE National Pride in 6 Minutes

The pastel ghost town at the Santa Catalina Convent

The three major cities in Peru are Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa. This convent takes up a wide sprawl of real estate in the southernmost city, Arequipa.  Daughters of merchants and nobles stayed here, so the place had the money to fund ornate embellishments like murals and sculptures.  It’s a ghost town now, but the staff still waters the flowers thrice daily.

cobblestone street in the Santa Catalina Convent - May 2009
Santa Catalina Convent - pink and blue flowers - May 2009
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The pastel ghost town at the Santa Catalina Convent

Painting Chivay, Peru

Colca Canyon Landscape  – Jan 2012

This is my second digital painting. I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, but I was inspired to action by Kevin Nelson.  He’s one of those rock-star concept artists at Disney. If I buckle down and find the right teacher, I can get to that point in a few years.

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Source material and inspiration:

I made a day of this trail through the river valley back in 2009.  Chivay, Coporaque, and Yanque received Spanish missionaries in the 1540s through 1570s, and Coporaque has a cathedral dating back to that time.   They’ve only recently begun to see tourism here, however, and it’s a serious shlep to get there, so the tourist traffic remains light.

Painting Chivay, Peru