I want to be very clear about this blog’s purpose.

This blog is not a record of my opinions, in which I “think aloud” and crystallize my views as I write on a wide range of design-related current events.

Nor is this blog a platform from which I prescribe “the proper way to think about the relationship between x and y.”  Solicit my advice or my views anytime via email (or even in the comments section), but I intend to restrict talk of  theory to a minimal, supplemental role in this blog.  My views will leak out here and there, but this blog exists to inspire rather than to educate.

While a hundred-thousand bloggers are posting their Poor Richard’s Almanacs, I want instead to offer something more akin to Leonardo’s sketchbook. Your time is valuable.  I intend to present design possibilities visually, showing more often than telling, with little more than captions to supplement the images.  This will be a place for you to browse design possibilities, but not advice on the nuts and bolts of how to design. This blog is a catalog and a showroom rather than a manual.  And in a few years, I hope you, the reader, discover that this internet destination has bloomed into a lush Disneyworld of rich ideas and dazzling innovations.

I want to be very clear about this blog’s purpose.